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Sustainability and Overseas Expansion of Japanese Companies


I. Sustainability and Overseas Expansion of Japanese Companies - Three Aspects of an Essential Mindset -  (Junko Watanabe)
II. Sustainability and Overseas Expansion of Japanese Companies - Overview of Business and Human Rights - (Junko Watanabe)

The first article, as the preface of a series of newsletters concerning “Sustainability and Overseas Expansion of Japanese Companies”, illustrates what Japanese investors doing business in less developed countries and emerging countries should note in the era of sustainability. It suggests three mindsets Japanese corporations should adopt in the rapidly changing environment surrounding the elements of SDGs and ESG. The second article outlines, as a part of sustainable business, the internationally emerging area of “Business & Human Rights” that every Japanese company should start integrating into their business strategy immediately, referring to current international trends as well as the recently announced Japanese National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights.

*This article is also available in Japanese.

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渡邉 純子

Based on her experience working on a wide range of domestic and international corporate matters including various matters in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries for more than seven years and overseas study and business experience in the UK for three years, she has been engaged in supporting Japanese companies in dealing with sustainability issues, while collaborating in various legal fields and jurisdictions including M&A, labour issues, European law and Asian law. She also has a strong ability to work with various stakeholders based on her experience working as an external collaborator for the International Labor Organization (ILO). She also advises Japanese companies in the area of Business and Human Rights.
She was also the lead in the development of the "Guideline for Responsible Business Conduct for the Textile and Clothing Industry of Japan" for human rights due diligence in the textile and apparel industry, which was formulated by the Japan Textile Federation in July 2022, as an external collaborator for the International Labor Organization (ILO).
In addition to serving as a member of various government study groups on human rights and environmental issues and as a member of the sustainability advisory board of a Japanese listed company, she has accepted numerous requests to be an instructor for in-house training, including executive training, and participated as a presenter in various seminars.
- Managing member of the Business and Human Rights Lawyers Network in Japan
- A member of the Advisory Mediation Committee of the Japan Center for Engagement and Remedies on Business and Human Rights (JaCER)
- Senior Advisor at the General Incorporated Association Chubu SDGs Promotion Center
- Business Human Rights (BHR) Committee/Human Rights Law Committee Member at the International Bar Association