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Extensive experience in a wide range of capital market transactions, including secondary market transactions.

Nishimura & Asahi has extensive experience in a wide range of capital market transactions such as (i) debt/equity offerings and IPOs in Japanese and foreign capital markets (e.g., global offerings, global IPOs, foreign listings, domestic offerings, rights offerings, Euro CBs, Alpine CBs, Euro bonds, MTN program, samurai bonds and POWLs) by various issuers such as Japanese corporations, foreign corporations, Japanese sovereign issuers, foreign governments and foreign sovereign issuers, (ii) public offerings and private placements of other financial instruments such as REIT securities, investment trusts and securitization products (including REITs’ IPO and ETF listings), and (iii) other finance transactions such as third party allotments of equity securities (including equity commitment lines). We provide comprehensive professional legal advice to all parties (e.g., issuers, underwriters and agents) involved in such capital market transactions.

With regard to the secondary markets, we advise securities companies and other financial institutions, issuers, shareholders and other relevant parties in connection with the disclosure documents required under the Japanese securities regulations, timely disclosure documents required under the stock exchange rules, sales of long-held shares, share buy-backs, block trades and other security-related transactions. We also have experience in bond restructuring transactions and debt equity swaps.

Further, we are often involved in transactions that require a high level of expertise, such as issuance and offerings of regulatory capital securities and hybrid finance by operating companies.

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