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Civil Disputes Arising from Corporate Scandals

Civil Disputes Arising from Corporate Scandals

As a leader in the legal field, Nishimura & Asahi’s professionals diligently safeguard their clients’ interests by performing comprehensive factual investigations and legal research.

Lawsuits are often filed in the wake of corporate scandals. Some of the typical lawsuits include the following: shareholder lawsuits against the directors of the company for wrongdoing or breach of duty. that caused harm to the company; securities litigation instituted by holders of securities against listed companies and their directors for mismanagement that resulted in a decrease in the value of the securities; product liability lawsuits brought by consumers or other interested parties against manufacturers and those involved in the distribution chain for product defects; lawsuits brought by employees who are subject to disciplinary actions for unfair dismissal by their employers; and class action lawsuits against companies brought by groups of consumers with similar claims.

When our clients approach us upon the discovery of corporate wrongdoing, we provide advice on how to effectively respond to the situation and take preventive measures in order to minimize liability and avoid litigation to the extent possible, while taking all necessary and appropriate steps in preparing the client for any possible lawsuits, including formulating litigation strategies, researching legal theories, and gathering evidence in connection therewith. If a lawsuit is filed against one of our clients, our experienced and proactive litigation team will thoroughly research all aspects of the claims and formulate persuasive and well supported legal arguments and strategies in order to best represent our client and protect their interests.

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