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  • Corporate Crisis Management


As a pioneer in the field of corporate crisis management, we provide advice on developing organizations and systems for compliance, as well as internal company control measures, in order to prevent corporate crises.

When corporate crises occur, such as serious corporate scandals or disputes, companies often face large costs, fines, and reputational damage, so it is of critical importance for companies to prevent such situations. Therefore, it is essential for companies to conduct business activities in compliance with laws and regulations, and in recent years, it has become necessary to comply with societal norms and business ethics, as well. In addition, as companies expand their businesses globally, it is also imperative to comply with laws and regulations, etc. of foreign countries. In order to ensure compliance, it is important for companies to possess an accurate understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, etc. and establish appropriate organizations and structures. Accordingly, we provide advice on the application and interpretation of pertinent domestic and foreign laws and regulations, etc. based on the specialized knowledge and extensive experience we have accumulated as a pioneer of corporate crisis management. We also provide advice on the maintenance of organizations and structures for compliance and internal company control measures under typical conditions, such as the improvement of governance systems, development and review of compliance programs, provision of training for directors, officers, and employees, implementation of risk assessment measures in order to prevent or uncover scandals, and establishment of whistleblowing systems.

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