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Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing & Industrial

N&A provides various types of legal support based on our expertise and considerable experience in the electronics and other manufacturing industries, which are increasingly complex and require a multidisciplinary approach and expertise.

We offer comprehensive legal services to a wide range of clients in the electronics, machinery and other manufacturing industries involved in traditional consumer products, electronic components, and devices such as semiconductors and panels, information and communication electronics, and the more recent IoT, etc.  Because of the dynamics of the market, technological innovation, and industrial reorganizations on a worldwide scale, manufacturing industries demand a deep understanding of the technologies and wide ranging legal analysis of various jurisdictions from the view point of intellectual property laws, competition laws, economic security related laws, foreign investment laws, various industry regulations, labor laws, environmental laws, consumer laws, personal information protection laws, tax laws, and so on. 

Our lawyers share the clients' objectives and provide various types of legal support, from strategic planning and drafting to negotiations for our clients' projects, such as distribution, OEM transactions, R&D, licensing, IPR strategy planning, business alliances, M&A, new business investments, joint ventures and financing, litigations, and compliance, based on our expertise and considerable experience.

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