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Our Middle East Practice Team, which has a wealth of experience and is able to work in close collaboration with local law firms, provides effective advice on Turkish legal matters.

Our Middle East practice team is dedicated to providing legal support to Japanese companies carrying out business in the Middle East. In the Gulf Countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, industrial diversification is seen as an key objective in reducing the degree of reliance on oil and gas, and various business opportunities are being borne out of this movement. Egypt, Turkey, and Iran have large markets, and Israel, as a technological superpower, attracts investors from all over the world. Considering such circumstances, and as we expect opportunities for Japanese companies in the Middle East to grow in the future, we have stationed a lawyer in Dubai, where information on the Middle East tends to accumulate, and are making efforts to collect local information in the entire Middle East region. Turkey, where many Japanese companies have interests, is one of the countries in the Middle-East that we focus on in particular. Our lawyers from Tokyo and Dubai regularly visit Turkey for networking opportunities with local legal personnel, and gather local information in order to provide practical legal advice that goes beyond the mere passing on of information. While we actively publish books and newsletters on the Middle East, Turkey is a priority country and a key target of our publication.

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