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    Cognex Corporation: Acquisition of Moritex Corporation

Leading Japanese law firm Nishimura & Asahi advised Cognex Corporation [NASDAQ: CGNX], a leader in industrial machine vision headquartered in the U.S., on its acquisition of Moritex Corporation, an optical components provider headquartered in Japan, from Trustar Capital, a private equity affiliate of CITIC Capital Holdings Limited.

The Nishimura & Asahi team advising Cognex was led by partners James Campbell, Stephen D. Bohrer, Taro Hirosawa, Hiroki Kaga, Yotaro Takayama, Phan Thien Huong, and Melissa Tan, director of Bayfront Law LLC (an alliance office of Nishimura & Asahi (Singapore) LLP), supported by Wenyue Sheng.



James has significant experience being the lead negotiator in complex cross-border transactions and coordinating teams of lawyers in multiple jurisdictions with respect to all aspects of such transactions, including with respect to multi-jurisdictional legal due diligence processes, antitrust and other regulatory filings and other local law issues. James has represented private equity and hedge funds, public and private companies and other clients in a broad range of domestic and cross-border transactions and other matters, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, minority investments, venture capital investments, public-private partnerships, private and public securities offerings, tender offers, proxy contests and corporate restructurings. Prior to joining Nishimura & Asahi, James was a corporate associate at firms in New York and Canada.

廣澤 太郎


  • Partner
  • Tokyo Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City

In addition to seven years' experience in Vietnam, Taro also has experience in working as in-house counsel for a major trading company. He has strong expertise in cross-border M&A/joint ventures, real estate development, labor, compliance, crisis management deals, and international transactions. In recent years, the scope of his work has expanded to include Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries. He is also a member of the Agrifood Practice Team.

加賀 宏樹

By leveraging his experience abroad and his secondment to a trading company in Japan, Hiroki Kaga has experience in complex cross-border transactions. His strength is the knowledge and experience of cutting-edge practices in the M&A, start-up and private equity area.

高山 陽太郎

Yotaro engages in all aspects of corporate legal affairs, focusing on domestic and overseas M&A and startup-related deals. Leveraging his broad knowledge and experience, Yotaro analyzes transaction structures, designs execution plans and negotiation strategies, and supports the analysis and execution of transactions to achieve their goals and objectives. In the M&A field, Yotaro has a track record of success in numerous deals, including cross-border transactions, and possesses broad knowledge. In addition, Yotaro lived in Singapore for more than two years and has engaged in numerous M&A deals in Southeast Asia. Having been in charge of M&A transactions in the Corporate Strategy Department of a major listed company, Yotaro has expertise in supporting deals based on the in-house processes and corporate culture of Japanese companies. In the field of startups and new business development, Yotaro has worked on numerous projects for the formation of joint ventures between large listed companies and domestic and overseas startups, the formation or development of new businesses, business alliances, and startup investment. With respect to startup investment, Yotaro possesses extensive knowledge and experience in investments around the world, including in Japan, the U.S., and Southeast Asian countries, as well as in South America and India, and provides advice based on the strategic objectives of Japanese companies and CVCs. Yotaro also has a wealth of experience in supporting start-up companies and has strengths in M&A transactions, financing, intellectual property strategy, and support for overseas business expansion, taking into consideration the characteristics of startups. In addition, Yotaro has a wide range of support experience, including in litigation and disputes between companies, scandals, and labor issues.


PHAN Thien Huong

  • Partner
  • Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City

Huong is highly skilled at providing practical solutions that are tailored to clients' needs in regard to M&A, foreign investment, corporate governance and restructuring, contract law, employment, and market access in Vietnam. She has advised numerous international clients on various complex deals in a variety of heavily regulated industries, such as real estate, land and construction, trade and distribution, securities, and M&A filing requirements with respect to competition and antitrust laws. In addition to representing large corporations in a diverse range of business law matters, she also assists clients in negotiating and dealing with counterparties in order to identify any obstacles between the parties and achieve the parties’ goals. When clients require practical solutions for their business projects in Vietnam, they turn to Huong.