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    Hibiki Wind Energy Co., Ltd. - Development of and project financing for offshore wind power generation project in Fukuoka, Japan

Leading Japanese law firm Nishimura & Asahi advised Hibiki Wind Energy Co., Ltd., a consortium of five energy companies, on its development of and project financing for the “Kitakyushu–Hibikinada offshore wind farm,” an offshore wind power generation project in Fukuoka, Japan.

The project involves the construction and operation of 25 bottom–fixed offshore wind turbines that will supply the area with zero–emission electricity for 20 years. With 9.6 MW class large–scale wind turbine generators being installed for the first time in Japan, the 220 MW capacity wind farm will be the largest in Japan.

The Nishimura & Asahi team advising Hibiki Wind Energy was led by partners Tsuneyasu Ozaki, Sadayuki Matsudaira, Amane Kawamoto, Teruyuki Yamamoto and Nobuaki Mori.


松平 定之

Sadayuki has a wealth of experience in supporting international clients in projects, transactions, and businesses in the energy sector. Sadayuki advises his clients on the best solutions for achieving their business goals based on his deep understanding of the relevant laws and regulations and practices in the full energy supply chain. He also has expertise in carbon-neutral projects and businesses, such as renewable power projects and hydrogen projects, as well as pioneering businesses involved in recent developments in the electricity market and the regulations thereon. Sadayuki serves as a member of an industrial safety rules committee and a hydrogen safety strategy committee, both of which were established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, and also is a member of an electricity capacity market committee, which is part of the Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators, Japan (OCCTO).

川本 周

Amane has extensive experience in a number of project finance transactions and acquisitions in connection with renewable energy projects in Japan and other Asian countries. In addition to his broad knowledge of the complex regulations surrounding renewable energy, he also has a deep understanding of IPP business reinforced by his work experience in London at a major Japanese trading company. His clients include domestic and international energy project developers, investors, lenders, construction contractors, and utility companies. He advises, represents, and advocates on behalf of clients in a wide range of transactions in the renewable energy sector, including development of green-field projects, debt and equity financing, selling and acquisition of energy projects, and legal due diligence. He also has a wealth of experience in offshore wind projects from the emergence of offshore wind business in Japan in the mid-2010s, including advising clients in the public tender process under the Offshore Renewable Energy Act.

山本 輝幸

Teruyuki has extensive expertise in the areas of PPP/PFI, power and energy resources, and project finance. In particular, Teruyuki has extensive expertise in concession and other standard PFI and PPP projects as a public counsellor, and he provides advice on the public, business, and financial institution sides, based on the client's perspective. Teruyuki has also handled many project finance transactions for wind power generation projects, solar power generation projects, and biomass power generation projects under the Renewable Energy Act, both on the project side and on the financial institution side. In addition, Teruyuki has experience of being seconded to the natural resource and environmental finance department of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation(JBIC), and he is able to provide practical advice on power and natural resource and energy projects.

森 宣昭

Nobuaki MORI

  • Partner
  • Tokyo

Nobuaki mainly handles financial transactions, with a particular focus on project finance transactions. He has a wealth of experience advising clients on PFI/PPP projects (including airport concession projects) and renewable energy projects (including offshore wind farm projects). He also has a broad understanding of Japanese renewable-energy related legislation. In the renewable energy field, he advises clients on financing and acquiring renewable energy power plants, financing plural power projects (portfolio schemes), and on developing projects using trust schemes (including financing through project bonds). In addition, he was previously seconded to a financial institution and trading company where he worked diligently on client-side transactions. He constantly strives to meet his clients’ needs and expectations by drawing upon the practical expertise and know-how he has acquired through his exposure to a wide array of legal transactions.