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Vietnam: First Ministry of Public Security Explanatory Session on Data Localization

On 22 December 2022, the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam(the “MPS”)held the Dissemination Conference on Decree No. 53/2022/ND-CP guiding certain articles of the Law on Cybersecurity(“Decree 53”)moderated by the leaders of the Department of Cybersecurity and Hi-tech Crimes Prevention(“A05”)- a specialized cybersecurity force under the MPS. In the conference, A05 went through the contents of certain articles of Decree 53 critical to both domestic and foreign enterprises in complying with the new data localization rules. Below are key takeaways of interest. With the understanding that the relevant definitions of the captured services applicable to domestic enterprises are general, A05 referred the audience to the guidance under the…To read the full article, please see the PDF file

*This article is also available in Japanese.

It is also available in PDF.
Asia / Data Protection Newsletter (January 6, 2023) (184 KB / 3 pages) Download PDF [185 KB]


村田 知信

Since 2010, he has been continuously handling transactions, disputes, and regulatory matters related to IT technology and the IT industry, intellectual property matters including measures against counterfeit products, and data protection matters concerning personal data and trade secrets. He also has abundant knowledge on cybersecurity practices and is registered as a registered information security specialist (national qualification in Japan). After studying in the U.S. and the U.K., he moved to Vietnam and then Thailand. Since then, he has been involved in the above-mentioned matters not only in Japan but also in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian countries. While there are few Japanese lawyers in Southeast Asia who specialize in the above-mentioned matters, he supports international companies by utilizing both his abundant knowledge and practical experience in the above-mentioned matters and his local experience and network in Southeast Asia.



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Tuan Anh joined our firm in August 2015 after spending approximately seven years practicing law at local firms, which included one of the first-tier local law firms in Vietnam. Through his extensive expertise in compliance-related matters, e-commerce platforms and operation, and corporate crisis management, he provides his clients and Japanese attorneys with tailored legal services in those practice areas in Vietnam. His legal advice, solutions, and recommendations are always appreciated by his Japanese colleagues in our firm’s Vietnam practice group due to their reliability, practicality, and appropriateness. Apart from providing legal advice to clients, he also has lectured clients’ employees on anti-corruption and compliance matters, labor regulations, and personal data protection laws. Furthermore, he is often asked to assist the JCCI in Vietnam in providing comments on key drafts of laws and decrees (e.g., investment and enterprise laws, as well as guiding decrees related thereto) promulgated by the governmental bodies of Vietnam.