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Latest Trends in Climate Change Regulations and Policies in Japan

In recent years climate change has become an increasingly important topic of discussion in countries and regions all around the world; so much so that many jurisdictions around the globe have established, or attempted to establish regulations that are intended to reduce environmental damage. Given this situation, stakeholders are paying a lot of attention to the policies and regulations that are being implemented in each jurisdiction and how these trends are affecting the global economy. Specifically, in Japan, various policies and regulations have been developed in recent years, with the aim of combating climate change, and as it is important for foreign and domestic investors to understand them, this paper is intended to provide foreign investors insight into Japan’s policies...To read the full article, please see the PDF file

It is also available in PDF.
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伊藤 真弥

Maya has extensive experience advising international investors on cross-border renewable energy projects, as well as advising both borrowers and lenders on financing for renewable energy projects in Japan. She previously worked in the cross-border project finance team of a Japanese megabank, handling matters relating to natural resources, power and energy, and infrastructure. Maya has also provided banks, financial institutions, and other corporate clients, most of which operate their businesses globally, with compliance and regulatory advice, as well as advice on a variety of governance matters. She is actively involved in D&I projects aimed at promoting the active participation of women, and has organized numerous D&I seminars and other similar events for corporations. She is also actively involved in Climate Change related projects and has organized Climate Change seminars and events.

安井 桂大

Keita has experience of working in the Financial Services Agency of the Government of Japan as a government official who has been in charge of the revisions of Japan’s Corporate Governance Code and Japan’s Stewardship Code. Furthermore, he has gained practical experience in Fidelity International, which is one of the largest global asset management companies, through engaging with investee companies, in proxy voting, and sustainable investing in the Investment Management Department. He applies this experience to provide legal services on various corporate matters, including corporate governance, sustainability-related matters, M&A transactions, and relationships with shareholders and other stakeholders. He provides tailored advice on the matters by properly considering the interests of multi-stakeholders based on his extensive knowledge and experience in the field. He has also authored numerous books and articles, and he has been a regular speaker at lectures and seminars on practical legal issues.