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Legal issues relating to employees of M&A target companies.

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Legal issues relating to employees of M&A target companies.

Akihisa Yamamoto, Yukihiko Watanabe, and Hayato Ishii authored an article titled “Legal issues relating to employees of M&A target companies,” published in Junkan Keiri Jouhou on November 1, 2023 by Chuo Keizaisya.


山本 晃久

Akihisa is a partner in our M&A team. He handles many domestic and international M&As, business alliances including JVs, business succession, equity finance, and hostile takeovers. He has abundant practical experience for both listed and unlisted companies and wide range of company sizes and transaction types, knowledge of cutting-edge practical trends and laws and regulations, and the ability to respond flexibly and hands-on.
In addition, he active in start-up finance support, IPO support, and daily legal support.
Recently, using the network and knowledge cultivated through studying abroad in Europe and the United States, he also deals with sustainability-related topics such as sustainable finance, including ESG investment and impact investment, social enterprise, B Corp certification, and social IPO.

渡辺 雪彦

Yukihiko handles various types of labor law cases, including those relating to dismissal, termination of employment, recommendation for resignation, claims for overtime pay, reduction of working conditions, personnel transfers, harassment, employment of the elderly, working conditions for non-regular workers (equal pay for equal work), dispatch and disguised contracting, work accidents, claims for damages, unfair labor practices, and others.
He offers a range of options for resolution and focuses on devising effective, practical responses to each type of dispute, and he works in tandem with his clients to achieve optimal solutions for them by putting himself in their shoes.
Owing to Yukihiko, one of our firm's unique strengths is its experience with labor law issues arising from corporate restructuring.
Yukihiko is admitted to the Labor Legislation Committee of the Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association (2011) and the Management Lawyers Council (2018).