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Supporting our community: Career session at an elementary school in Kodaira

Shigeru Sasaki, Takeshi Nemoto, and Rasa Kato participated in a career session at an elementary school in Kodaira. The team made a short presentation and responded to questions by the children, such as “How can I become a lawyer?" and "What kind of work does a lawyer do?"

Nishimura & Asahi’s legal education team will continue to carry out activities to convey to children the joy of learning the law and the significance of a career in law.


佐々木 秀

Experience in not only large M&A transactions but also mid-small cap M&A transactions, achieving efficiency and considering the internal/business matters within the client, from time being seconded to the legal department in a Japanese investment bank and full-time work in the client office. Experience assisting clients in a wide variety of industries; manufactures, retail, financial institutions, start-ups, etc. Successfully involved in several famous defense cases against hostile takeovers and activism campaigns. Provides legal advice in some crisis management situations and harassment investigations, accounting scandals and other corporate scandals. Such broad experience enables provision of strategic advice on various general corporate matters.

根本 剛史

Takeshi has handled many complex M&A transactions and provides sincere advice to his clients. He has extensive experience in M&A-related disputes, and is well versed in the various issues facing companies with founding family shareholders. In recent years, he has been involved in many cases involving business and human rights, impact investing, and advises companies from the perspective of sustainability. He is also actively involved in pro bono work and is one of the most experienced in Japan.