Medical Field/Healthcare

In the medical field, and healthcare field (including medical related fields, food and beverage fields (including foods for specified health uses, foods with nutrient function claims, and foods with function claims), and the nursing care field, etc.), based on applicable laws such as the Medical Care Act, the Medical Practitioners Act, the Food Sanitation Act, the Food Labeling Act, the Health Promotion Act, and the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly, our Life Science and Healthcare Group offers a variety of legal services to domestic and international clients, including providing advice on issues relating to licensing, approvals, notifications, etc., dealing with various compliance issues, risk management raised by non-compliance, and defective product recalls, and advising on information management and intellectual property rights, etc.  In addition, our Life Science and Healthcare Group has undertaken various M&A cases, taking advantage of the group’s broad knowledge and provided strategic advice. 

We provide advice on a broad range of cases, including business mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions, and restructuring among medical institutions, food manufacturers and nursing care providers.  We retain an exclusive advisor Mr. Takahisa Murakami, formerly of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and, therefore, are able to advise from the point of view of jurisdictional authorities.

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