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We are committed to be responsible for and to deliver positive impacts to the communities and societies in which we live and work.

Specific Initiatives

Educational activities

In order to promote the diversity of legal professionals and to help children and students expand their skills by gaining a wide range of experiences, we engage in educational activities at universities, graduate schools, law schools, and high schools, give career talks at high schools, and participate in judicial training committees.

Support for policy formulation and legislative activities

We encourage our lawyers who have a high level of expertise in corporate and international legislation to participate in and assist various councils and committees of government agencies. We support policy-making and legislative activities of government agencies and other organizations, such as conducting researches on legislation at the request of government agencies and other organizations. Furthermore, at the request of corporations and industry associations, we conduct lobbying activities, where we propose policy formulations and legislative activities to government agencies and other organizations. As well as providing traditional legal services, we contribute to the resolution of issues faced by corporations and industry associations in a comprehensive manner.

Community activities

We are committed to a variety of initiatives to enrich the communities and societies in which we live and work. We cooperate with NPOs, sponsoring events, and participate in volunteer activities.