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Life at N&A

Read about the stories of our members, and discover their values and potential for growth through the work they’re doing at Nishimura & Asahi.


I believe the key characteristics of a successful lawyer at Nishimura & Asahi would be dedication, professionalism and leadership.


Tokyo / Partner

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When I joined the team, I was surprised and pleased by the amount of responsibility given to me as a junior associate.


Tokyo / Associate

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I realize that not only I am being helpful to my clients but I am also bringing our society forward with my legal expertise.


Bangkok / Associate

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The promise of “Leading You Forward” is also an invitation to everyone at N&A to constantly improve oneself and rethink one owns position within the firm and in the legal community.


Frankfurt / Associate

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The firm always focuses on finding and promoting the strength of every member as well as creating favorable conditions for us to improve and develop our knowledge and experience.


Hanoi / Associate

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I am content that I have found and understand the core values of Nishimura & Asahi, and can be part of a nourishing environment.


HCMC / Associate

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The continuous guidance, training, and feedback from my partners/mentors every step of the way also contribute to my growth as a lawyer.


Singapore / Associate

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In my opinion, "fully thinking", "taking initiative", and "being enterprising" are some of the important values that must be kept in mind at all times as an attorney of Nishimura & Asahi.


Taiwan / Associate

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My motivation for joining N&A was based in personal and professional growth. I believed reviewing the work of top-notch international attorneys would facilitate such growth. Once I entered the firm, my belief was proven correct; I learn new things everyday.


Tokyo / Legal Editor

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What stands out to me the most is everyone’s openness to change. I believe this kind of open-mindedness and interest in things going on outside the firm creates an environment that supports innovation.


Tokyo / Associate Director

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Empathy, compassion and understanding are powerful and useful tools to have in the secretarial field, and are values that I will put forth for Nishimura & Asahi.


Bangkok / Assistant

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As a member of N&A, I continue to build my “working network” and learn from colleagues from other countries, which is very interesting and helpful to me.


Hanoi / Secretary

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I have experienced not only a professional but also a collaborative and positive working environment where every member can count on one another and posses a strong work ethic.


HCMC / Secretary

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I strive to have a mindset of a professional in order to support all the professionals – this is how I practice the promise of the firm, "Leading You Forward."


Singapore / Administrator

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I try to make translated texts clearer and easier to understand for readers, just as if they were not translated documents at all; that is the most important part of my work.


Taiwan / Translator

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