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Labor Law

Advice on general labor law

Our lawyers, who have a wealth of experience in personnel and labor areas, provide our clients in and outside Japan with advice on the various labor issues that they face in daily operations according to each individual client’s circumstances.
As laws, regulations and practices in personnel and labor areas are rapidly changing to a great degree, Nishimura & Asahi holds study sessions for lawyers specialized in personnel and labor areas every two weeks to exchange the latest information on laws, regulations and practices. We also closely cooperate with our specialist lawyers in each area to provide support in consideration of our clients’ needs. 
By utilizing our experience in handling many international cases and our global network, we provide comprehensive advice not only on domestic cases but also on labor issues for the Japanese subsidiaries and offices of foreign corporations, and our service includes coordination between the head office and other offices.

Response to labor issues, labor disputes and labor unions

Our specialist personnel and labor lawyers have a wealth of experience in responding to labor disputes such as lawsuits, labor tribunal and remedial procedures. With respect to handling labor unions, we provide a variety of advice on responding to collective bargaining and other matters in consideration of our clients’ needs and the situation of the relevant labor union or the like, while aiming to establish a good labor-management relationship. For such handling of labor disputes and labor unions, we form the most appropriate team consisting of not only specialist personnel and labor lawyers but also lawyers specialized in litigation, crisis management and other various areas, depending on each case. We are able to do so by utilizing our human resources as the largest comprehensive law firm in Japan. This total ability is the strength of our labor team.

Personnel and organizational restructuring

When there is an M&A or restructuring, it brings about for great changes to workers of the relevant company. In many cases, the success of an M&A or restructuring needs an appropriate response to personnel and labor issues. Nishimura & Asahi ensures that our specialist personnel and labor lawyers get involved in the stage of considering M&A or restructuring, and provide services regarding a wide range of issues such as the establishment of a personnel system after M&A or the implementation of restructuring measures. Through many cases, we have acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge.
We are also experienced in many cases related to personnel system reform in consideration of the recent labor environment, including work-style reform and recruitment for specific duties rather than employment involving regular transfers to different departments, or personnel reductions in business restructuring. We provide advice in consideration of the actual circumstances of each company, not only in terms of law, but also from a managerial viewpoint of a business lawyer.

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