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We provide our clients with appropriate solutions to individual cases based on our extensive experience in bidding and procurement processes, joint public-private sector rehabilitation, disputes and related issues on both sides of the public and private sector.

We have a large number of attorneys with a diverse range of experience in both the public and private sector in practice areas related to public agencies and local governments. The attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the policy objectives of public agencies and local governments and unique and specific know-how not found in private transactions. We provide our clients, whether in the public or private sector, whether a domestic or international investor, with appropriate solutions to individual cases based on our extensive experience.

In bidding and procurement processes, we have advised the public sector to achieve policy objectives while ensuring competitiveness and fairness, and we have provided the private sector with strategic and practical advice on bidding and selection, leveraging the strengths of the private sector. In addition, we have extensive experience in joint public-private sector rehabilitation and disputes to which the public agency and local government is a party. Further, when the need arises for policy formation or legislative activities that go beyond the handling of individual cases, we provide support by utilizing our knowledge and expertise.