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Vietnam: Have you obtained a registration “badge” from the MOIT for your cross-border e-commerce platform yet?

Since 1 January 2022, to control e-commerce activities conducted by offshore entities in Vietnam, the government has implemented a new regulation requiring certain offshore e-commerce platformers to, among other things, register their e-commerce platforms at, and obtain a registration “badge” from, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam (MOIT).  Such e-commerce platformers have been granted a grace period until 31 December 2022, by which date they must fully comply with this new regulation.  Owners of any of the following platforms are subject to these requirements:
(i) e-commerce websites with a Vietnamese domain name (i.e., “.vn”);
(ii) e-commerce websites displayed in the Vietnamese language; and
(iii) e-commerce websites on which 100,000 or more transactions from Vietnam are conducted per year....To read the full article, please see the PDF file

*This article is also available in Japanese.

It is also available in PDF.
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今泉 勇


  • Partner
  • Tokyo Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City

Clients value Isamu’s unique insight into the challenges and uncertainties that they face in a dynamic, growing region. In addition to his experience in Vietnam, he has practiced in Tokyo and various other Asian locations, including a secondment to an Indian law firm. He is known for leveraging his international experience and cultural insights into the local legal and commercial practices to resolve complex, cross-border legal issues in a timely manner, working closely with local counsel. He advises on investments at all stages, from inception to post-closing operations, as well as dispute resolution.



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Tuan Anh joined our firm in August 2015 after spending approximately seven years practicing law at local firms, which included one of the first-tier local law firms in Vietnam. Through his extensive expertise in compliance-related matters, e-commerce platforms and operation, and corporate crisis management, he provides his clients and Japanese attorneys with tailored legal services in those practice areas in Vietnam. His legal advice, solutions, and recommendations are always appreciated by his Japanese colleagues in our firm’s Vietnam practice group due to their reliability, practicality, and appropriateness. Apart from providing legal advice to clients, he also has lectured clients’ employees on anti-corruption and compliance matters, labor regulations, and personal data protection laws. Furthermore, he is often asked to assist the JCCI in Vietnam in providing comments on key drafts of laws and decrees (e.g., investment and enterprise laws, as well as guiding decrees related thereto) promulgated by the governmental bodies of Vietnam.