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Artificial Intelligence and the Law

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Artificial Intelligence and the Law

Kaku Hirao, Shinnosuke Fukuoka, Yuri Sugano, Satoshi Niki, Hidetoshi Matsumura, Takayoshi Hojo, Toshiyuki Yamamoto, Yusuke Suzuki, Hideki Katagiri, Tatsuya Tsunoda and Shu Numazawa have co-authored a book entitled “Artificial Intelligence and the Law”, published by Shojihomu Co., Ltd. in November 2020.


平尾 覚

His main practice area is corporate crisis management and litigation. He is also highly knowledgeable and experienced on matters involving foreign investigations and regulatory authorities. He has dealt with many cases in relation to investigations by the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, the Japanese Fair Trade Commission, the Japanese Public Prosecutor’s Office, etc., as well as foreign authorities such as the U.S. Department of Justice. He has also dealt with a variety of cases such as misconduct by executives and employees, violation of environmental regulations, violation of the regulation regarding pharmaceutical and medical equipment, etc. In addition to cases that require emergency responses, he has advised many companies to build effective whistleblowing systems and anti-bribery compliance programs, and he has assisted with due diligence procedures from a compliance perspective.

福岡 真之介

In the area of Robotics/Artificial Intelligence, Shin Fukuoka mainly handles AI, Big Data and IoT. He acts as a Member of The Cabinet Office’s “Committee on Human-centered AI Social Principles” and Committee Member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Investigative Commission on "The AI and Data Contract Guidelines Review Committee". In the area of Corporate, he mainly handles M&A and Corporate Governance. In the area of Restructuring/Insolvency, he has been involved in numerous restructuring and insolvency cases, with a focus on cross-border insolvency cases, representing both debtor parties and creditor parties. Most recently, he represented Daiichi Chuo Kisen Kaisha and Japan Airlines as a legal counsel of the debtor and Elpida, Takefuji and Mt.Gox as a creditor’s counsel. He has also contributed to many publications, including "Law and Strategy of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence", "Artificial Intelligence: Law and Issues" and "Data Contract Law".

菅野 百合

Yuri is specialized in Restructuring and Insolvency and also Labor Law. Especially, she is well-known in the restructuring market given her outstanding expertise and experience in cross-border restructuring and insolvency cases. She has plenty of experience providing foreign clients with restructuring and business closure of their Japanese subsidiaries. She also supports foreign clients on a wide range of labor issues, including labor disputes, personnel restructuring and general labor law matters on a daily basis. She is actively engaged in diversity and inclusion promotion activities. Utilizing her expertise as a labor-law specialist, as well as her experience as a member of the DE&I Promotion Committee at Nishimura & Asahi and as a director of LLAN (lawyers for LGBT & Allies Network), she has supported clients’ D&I initiatives.

仁木 覚志

Satoshi manages a wide range of domestic and cross-border M&As, capital and business alliances and technology alliances where intellectual property rights and technologies, such as semiconductors, autonomous driving, electric vehicles, AI, and systems, were important elements to the transaction. Satoshi is also heavily involved in supporting high-tech startups such as space development, quantum computers, and regenerative medicine, and has extensive experience in contract structure ground design and contract negotiations for building new businesses. In addition, Satoshi makes use of his engineering background to deal with a number of disputes, such as patent infringement proceedings and disputes related to defects in advanced technology products, where technical issues are the main issues.

北條 孝佳

He mainly handles cyber security. As a cyber security analyst at the National Police Agency, he had been engaged in investigations and research, such as analysis of cyber attacks, for over 10 years.
He advises companies on cases involving crisis management, scandals, and various cyber incidents. Recently, he has handled many security incidents within companies, including ransomware, personal data breaches, and internal crimes.

山本 俊之

Since 2009, as an attorney in the firm’s finance team, Toshiyuki has been handling various financial transactions and financial regulatory/compliance matters, with a focus on asset management and derivatives, his main practice areas. He advises both domestic and foreign asset managers, financial institutions, and corporates on financial regulation matters in the asset management and derivatives spaces, as well as on contract drafting, regulatory analyses, and development of internal controls for new product launches. Further, he has been involved in numerous cross-border finance transactions and investment transactions by fund operators. Recently, his practical experience expanded to the FinTech space, such as digital securities, and he has been publishing articles and giving presentations on artificial intelligence/machine learning in relation to finance industries. In addition to finance matters, he has extensive experience in handling regulatory defense matters and foreign class actions in cooperation with foreign law firms. Prior to being registered as an attorney-at-law in 2009 and joining the firm, he worked at a Japanese credit rating agency and the Tokyo arm of a U.S. investment bank as a credit analyst in the securitization space. He is a Certified Member Analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan and a Certified International Investment Analyst.

鈴木 悠介

Yusuke Suzuki has extensive experience in handling corporate crisis management matters across a variety of industries and legal disciplines.
The wide array of corporate scandals he has handled involve issues such as bribery, bid-rigging/cartels, violations of the Subcontracting Law, quality fraud, trade secret infringement/information leaks, accounting irregularities, insider trading, harassment, and industrial accidents; when dealing with such complex matters, he draws upon his experience as a news reporter to strategically collaborate with not only legal and compliance departments, but also public relations departments.
In the area of crisis communication, his comprehensive support covers timely disclosures, preparation of releases, preparation of anticipatory questions and answers, advising on media responses (individual interviews, press conferences, background briefings, etc.), and advising on countermeasures against slanderous remarks found on the Internet and SNS. On a frequent basis, he provides a wide range of advice, including on the development of crisis management public relations manuals and misconduct publicity standards, mock press conference training, and legal checks of public-relations-related tasks.
When carrying out fact-finding and cause analysis of corporate scandals, Yusuke Suzuki applies his journalistic perspective to go beyond superficial cause analysis and delve into the “real causes,” such as the industry structure and organizational climate. He then takes the lead in the planning and implementation of various measures, such as internal and external messages from top management, formulation of corporate philosophies, workshops for different levels of management, and employee awareness surveys, in order to ensure the effective implementation of recurrence prevention measures, which often involve making changes to the organizational climate and the awareness of executives and employees.
In addition to his proven track record of success in handling legal cases, Yusuke Suzuki also regularly delivers seminars and publishes writings on crisis management with respect to both contingency and peacetime situations. He is widely known for his original and practical seminars and his hands-on, in-house training programs on crisis communication and organizational climate reform.