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Consumer & Retail

Based on our wealth of experience in consumer & retail, we provide solutions for legal issues in this field.

Due to continuous changes in the business environment (for example, technological innovation, digitalization, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the appearance of new sales and logistics methods), consumer & retail, which means consumer products and services including food, beauty, life style, fashion, and luxury brands, as well as retail businesses selling such products and services, have a variety of legal issues with regard to business operation and investment opportunities.

For the purpose of providing appropriate solutions for each legal issue, Nishimura & Asahi has a system to provide a one-stop support service in which lawyers with a wealth of experience in their practice propose legal solutions, provide legal advice for overseas business development and support for M&A, plan intellectual property or litigation strategy, and provide other professional, global services across their practice.

For example, we have formed a practice group specializing in fashion law to provide legal support to companies engaged in the retail, manufacturing, import, and export of fashion-related products, as well as to designers, investors, brand owners, and the like. Based on our wealth of knowledge and experience, we provide the practical and creative advice that is necessary for our client companies and brands to maintain and expand their competitiveness in the rapidly changing fashion industry.

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