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A “one-stop” platform for a full range of Singaporean, Japanese, and international legal services

An ever-increasing number of companies are establishing regional headquarters in Singapore to oversee their development in the ASEAN region and neighboring countries such as India. Singapore also serves as a strategic place for Japanese companies in many areas, such as a key hub to resolve disputes by utilizing Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and a financial hub represented by Singapore Exchange. Since opening in 2012, Nishimura & Asahi (Singapore) LLP (“NASG”) has accumulated knowledge and experience in various areas through secondments with strategic partners, including local Singaporean law firms, financial institutions, and corporations. In June 2020, NASG entered into a formal law alliance with Bayfront Law LLC, a well-respected Singapore law practice (“Bayfront Law”). The resultant Nishimura & Asahi - Bayfront Law Alliance, the first formal law alliance in Singapore involving a Japanese law firm, makes it possible for NASG to work as an integrated team with Bayfront Law to allow clients access to a “one-stop” platform for a full spectrum of Singaporean, Japanese, and international legal services in areas such as cross border mergers and acquisitions and international arbitration. The Nishimura & Asahi - Bayfront Law Alliance, with its array of specialists, provides the best legal services available for Japanese companies concerned with investing, establishment or withdrawal from the Singapore market, cross border mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, finance, general corporate affairs, risk management, and liquidation.

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