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Restructuring Practices in the U.S., Europe, and Singapore

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Restructuring Practices in the U.S., Europe, and Singapore

Yuri Sugano and Kotaro Fuji co-authored a book entitled "Restructuring Practices in the U.S., Europe, and Singapore," which was published in March 2023 by Shojihomu Co., Ltd.


菅野 百合

Yuri is specialized in Restructuring and Insolvency and also Labor Law. Especially, she is well-known in the restructuring market given her outstanding expertise and experience in cross-border restructuring and insolvency cases. She has plenty of experience providing foreign clients with restructuring and business closure of their Japanese subsidiaries. She also supports foreign clients on a wide range of labor issues, including labor disputes, personnel restructuring and general labor law matters on a daily basis. She is actively engaged in diversity and inclusion promotion activities. Utilizing her expertise as a labor-law specialist, as well as her experience as a member of the DE&I Promotion Committee at Nishimura & Asahi and as a director of LLAN (lawyers for LGBT & Allies Network), she has supported clients’ D&I initiatives.

藤 浩太郎

Kotaro has engaged in many restructuring cases through not only formal insolvency proceedings but also out-of-court workouts. From 2019 to 2023, he provided legal advice on cross-border M&A, restructuring/insolvency, disputes, and other corporate matters (with a focus on those related to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines) from our Singapore Office by leveraging the knowledge and experience in local legal and commercial practices and the connection with local professionals.