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Update: New requirement for renewable energy projects in Japan

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Update: New requirement for renewable energy projects in Japan

- exemptions from expiration rule contemplated under 2022 amendment

In an article for the International Law Office Newsletter (Globe Business Publishing), Tokyo partner Ryoji Moroi and associate Sang-Kyun Bong discuss key developments impacting renewable energy projects under development in Japan pursuant to the amendment of the Act on Special Measures concerning the Procurement of Renewable Electric Energy by Operators of Electric Utilities (the Renewable Energy Act).


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Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Moroi Ryoji has been proactively focused on renewable energy related sectors in Japan. He has deep knowledge of the energy-related regulations in Japan and has advised a multitude of Japanese and foreign clients on a wide range of projects (such as development of solar power plants, onshore wind energy plants, offshore wind energy plants, and biomass power plants) and project finance transactions to satisfy their various needs. He has a wealth of experience advising on real estate and structured finance transactions, excels at handling transactions requiring cross-sectional knowledge, and possesses international experience, having worked at Marubeni Europower Limited in London for two years.