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矢嶋 雅子
矢嶋 雅子


  • Partner
  • Tokyo

Involved in all aspects of handling disputes. Based on her accumulated experience and knowledge, she provides a one-stop dispute resolution service that includes not only trials and arbitration, but also investigations, negotiations, and media relations.

In addition to corporate disputes such as shareholder derivative actions and share purchase demands, she has numerous experiences in technology disputes related to plant accidents, product accidents, patent infringement, system development troubles, etc., soil contamination disputes, insurance disputes including reinsurance, labor disputes, and consumer disputes. Her main publications include "International Arbitration and Corporate Strategy: Bridging Theory and Practice" (Auther, Yuhikaku, 2014), "Current Status of Litigation Procedures and Defense Practice Issues Associated with Corporate Activities in the United States" (co-author, Jurist No. 1474, December 2014), "Overview of Intellectual Property Law (5th Edition)" (co-editor, Kobundo, 2013), "Judgments Concerning M&A, etc. and Directors' Duty of Care in Good Faith" (Jurist supplement, May 2013), "M Judgment on M&A, etc. and Director's Duty of Care" (Juristo, May 2013 issue, "Selection of M&A Reorganization Precedents Effective in Practice"), "Commentary on Appeal Court Decision in Fukuoka Fish Market Shareholders' Representative Suit Case - Parent Company Director's Responsibility for Subsidiary Management and Relief" (co-author, Junkan Shoji Homu No. 1970, July 5, 2012 issue), etc. No. 1970, July 5, 2012), etc. 

Awards & Rankings




Columbia University School of Law (LL.M.)
Keio University (LL.B.)

Professional Experience

Outside Director, Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co.,Ltd.
Commissioner, The Radio Regulatory Council, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 
Outside Statutory Auditor, Resonac Holdings Corporation
Professor, Keio Law School 
Bureau Vice Chief, The Japan Association of Arbitrators 
Associate Professor, Keio Law School