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Central and Eastern Europe

We provide solutions for a variety of legal issues in Central and Eastern European countries.

Along with the European Union (EU) as a supranational institution, each Central and Eastern European country such as Poland, Hungary, Czech, and Slovakia has its own legal issues.
For the purpose of dealing with various problems related to Central and Eastern European countries and legal issues arising in such European countries, Nishimura & Asahi with our people who experience working in this region constantly follows up on regulatory trends in Central and Eastern European countries, and thereby provides legal services as solutions for legal issues that arise and affect Japanese companies in the region in cooperation with local law firms.
We have been providing legal advice on various issues related to Central and Eastern European countries including, for example, acquiring companies in the region, entering the market including establishing factories, corporate merger review, data protection regulations, establishing bribery prevention and other compliance systems, and crisis management including cartel investigation.

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