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N&A provides advice with specialized knowledge and skills on matters concerning IT Systems including Cloud computing and AI (artificial intelligence), which are increasingly complex.

Information technology, including the Internet and other network-related technologies, the cloud, social media, AI, NFTs, Blockchain and optical fiber communications, as well as technologies related to mobile and other wire-less communications, computers, tablets, smartphones, IoT devices and other various terminal equipment, is one of the areas where technology is evolving the fastest. Nishimura & Asahi’s lawyers keep abreast of innovations in technology and diversification in these fields, and are dedicated to continuously tackling new legal issues by regularly providing legal services to clients in this area. Specifically, Nishimura & Asahi provides legal services relating to IT and network-related businesses, such as system and/or software developments, cloud computing services, e-commerce (on-line shopping, on-line trade and services, etc.), digital distribution involving digital books, music and motion pictures, hosting services, data centers, games, on-line advertising, electronic payment services, platforms and information securities, in connection with legal issues under commercial law, IP law, data protection law, and other industry-specific laws and regulations, including the legal issues arising under applicable Japanese and foreign laws. As IT systems have tended to become more complex and have grown in size, contractual relationships and disputes appear to have become more complicated, and our lawyers have been handling these matters on a daily basis and have accumulated significant experience.

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