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Lawyers who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field provide comprehensive support on a wide range of sustainability-related matters, including ESG and SDGs, by properly considering the interests of corporations, investors, and other diverse stakeholders.

As environmental changes relating to corporate activities accelerate, sustainability initiatives have become indispensable. We support a variety of sustainability programs and responses, including ESG and SDGs, taking into account the perspectives of companies, investors, and other diverse stakeholders.

When handling client matters, our firm’s Sustainability Practice assembles a project-specific team of attorneys with cutting-edge knowledge of and experience handling the relevant issues in this highly fluid field. In addition to our offices across Asia, our offices in Europe and the U.S. are leaders in this area, well-versed in the relevant regulations and prepared to assist our clients in a timely manner. Our global presence allows us to handle, and mitigate, risks relating to sustainability issues on the front line, wherever that may be. Our flexibility, and robust resources, enable us to take a holistic approach to this field.

We have a broad range of experience handling sustainability issues, for example, we have provided vast support for all ESG areas, including the establishment of corporate sustainability governance, implementation of ESG due diligence in M&A transactions, dialoguing with stakeholders (including NGOs), and responding to various types of activism, investors' ESG investment initiatives, and other matters. We support and assist with implementation of human rights due diligence and formulation of various codes and systems relating to business and human rights and address sustainability issues in business sectors closely related to this field, such as medical/healthcare and agri-food, as well as providing support for governance issues, including anti-corruption and labor issues.

Recent Work

Awards & Rankings

  • “she launched a sustainability practice at the firm in 2021. An adviser on renewable energy projects in Japan since the 2000s, her work continues to assist the growth of sustainable energy in Japan.”,

    Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Asia-Pacific Awards 2022,
  • The lawyers at Nishimura & Asahi explained the background knowledge about fishery law in Japan, which tremendously helped with our understanding of this situation. As our volunteer activity involves scuba-diving, which can be considered a high-risk activity, creating a legally valid volunteer agreement was essential. Professional advice on various small details catered to our own specific organisation and activities was really helpful and allowed us to work with volunteers to conduct marine environment restoration work confidently.”,“he provides ongoing pro bono legal support to a wide range of the community including LGBT+  persons and socially mobile parents. parents. He also helps enable LGBT+ couples to receive the same services and benefits as legally married couples.

    TrustLaw Innovation Award 2020,Chambers D&I Awards: Asia-Pacific 2020

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