Cross-border Transactions (General)

Since its founding by the late Mr. Nishimura, Nishimura & Asahi has provided its clients with legal services for their cross border transactions, and the firm continues to expand the range of such services into a growing number of countries.


In addition to the cross border legal transaction and dispute works specifically described in the following chapters, N&A has considerable experience in providing both Japanese and non-Japanese clients with the following traditional legal services relating to cross border transactions:  


- advice on foreign direct investment (including negotiations with regulators)

- distributorship agreements

- franchising agreements

- technology license agreements (including negotiations with regulators)

- joint venture and shareholders agreements



Furthermore, Nishimura & Asahi has the necessary expertise in foreign exchange regulations, labor law, real property, competition laws and international trade laws of Japan and foreign countries to advise on these types of cross border transactions and disputes.


Nishimura & Asahi has a long history of providing legal services regards to both inbound and outbound transactions, as well as the increasing foreign direct investment by Japanese companies.  In response to this, Nishimura & Asahi has expanded its branch office network in Asian countries, where Japanese clients are expanding their presence, and increased the number of its foreign legal staff qualified in various jurisdictions.  Furthermore, N&A’s Japanese lawyers with experience working in India, the Middle East, and Latin American countries provide legal advice relating to these jurisdictions through their close relationships with leading local firms.  

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