Project Finance

Financial institutions in Japan began to actively deal with project finance after advancing funds for infrastructure projects in other Asian countries during the 1990s.  Since that period to the present, Nishimura & Asahi has provided a wide range of legal advice on project finance transactions to various clients as sponsors legal counsel and lenders legal counsel.


Our experience acting as legal counsel for domestic projects includes power projects (including coal-fired and gas-fired power projects, and renewable energy projects such solar, wind and biomass), infrastructure (including PFI projects based on the PFI Act), and amusement theme parks.  In addition to our experience in domestic projects, we have also engaged in advising on LNG projects, mining projects, refinery projects, IPP projects and infrastructure in foreign countries.


Our achievements and wide range of experience on project finance transactions are unparalleled among domestic law firms in Japan, and we are one of the few Japanese law firms that can provide legal advice to clients based on knowledge and experience of both domestic and cross-border project finance deals.

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