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I. Business Localization and Chinese Legal Practice.
(Toshihiro Maeda, Azusa Nakashima, Takashi Nomura, Misato Rokukawa)

II. The Guidelines of the Hong Kong Competition Commission.
(Masato Yamanaka, Saori Okada, Yoshiaki Otsuki)

III. Legal Due Diligence for M&A transactions in India. (Kotaro Kubo, Naokuni Kuwagata)

IV. The New Legal Rules of Non-bank Areas in Indonesia
- The Possibilities of New Business and the Necessity to Respond. (Yusuke Yoshimoto)

V. The Amendment to the Malaysia Company Act. (Masato Yamanaka, Shunsuke Koyama, Sharon Lim)

VI. Legal Practice in Myanmar in 2014 and its prospects for 2015. (Yusuke Yukawa)

VII. Labor Management in the Philippines. (Masataka Sato)

VIII. Singapore as a Hub for Dispute Resolution in Asia - The Introduction of SIMC and SICC.
(Kotaro Kubo, Tomoro Yoshimoto)

IX. Labor Law and Practice in Sri Lanka. (Kotaro Kubo, Taeko Suzuki)

X. The Amendments to the Civil and Commercial Code in Thailand
(Guarantees and Mortgages). (Takahiro Azuma, Tomoyoshi Jai-ob-orm<)

XI. The Sexual Harassment Prevention Legal Rules in Taiwan. (Ing-Chian Sun)

XII. Amendments to the Investment Law and Enterprise Law in Vietnam: The First Round
(of Three Rounds) (Shiro Muto, Mihoko Fukuzawa, Truong Huu Ngu)

XIII. The Acquisition Structure of Turkish Enterprises. (Yoshihide Matsushita)

XIV. Competition Law in the UAE. (Masao Morishita)

XV. Resource-Rich Country Mozambique: Basic Investment information. (Ryutaro Nakayama, Kohei Ishida)

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